Single Window Information

Launched on 1st April 2021, the National Single Window for Foreign Trade (GUCE) will gradually consolidate all information relating to foreign trade in a single transactional portal, that will enable any individual wishing to trade to or from Niger to get a clear procedure, as well as adequate support, to carry out his commercial activities online.

Ultimately, all interactions with the various administrations involved in foreign trade in Niger will be processed through the GUCE, thus allowing all documentation pertaining to a transaction to immediately become accessible to other administrations. Multiple and repeated submission of the same documents to various entities will thus be replaced with a unique online upload, without any need for traders or their agent to physically go to the premises of each administration.

During the initial phase, pre-clearance operations will be carried out through the GUCE, including the approval process for Pre-Arrival Declarations of Import or Export (DPI/DPE) and their electronic payment. Subsequently, obtaining licenses and certificates from various ministerial authorities will be hosted in the GUCE.

Electronic payment of customs declarations will then be implemented through an interface between GUCE and the Niger customs’ ASYCUDAWorld.

Later on, GUCE will host the bank domiciliation and foreign exchange validation processes, then the full spectrum of cargo arrival announcement and removal with interfaces with all actors of the logistics chain.